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Your Weekly Marketing & Business Recap 5/30-6/5

This is a new post style I will start to implement into the blog every Friday that will include a recap of things that have happened this week. It will include blog posts that I’ve written in the past week, as well as other blog posts or content I’ve liked during the week. If you have a suggestion for future posts, go ahead and email me at mailbag at

What Happened This Week?

I wrote a post on business and marketing shortcuts that pretty much everyone should read. So many people are looking for shortcuts, without looking for the right shortcuts in the right areas.

I also shared something, hopefully to motivate a lot of people that visit here to stop wasting the most valuable thing they have.

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land reported that Yahoo Maps Is Shutting Down At The End of The Month. Not necessarily a surprise to me, but they do have a large demographic that continues to prefer Yahoo over Google. Typically older demographics (also the largest growing demographic of smart phone users) seem to really like Yahoo still. Probably because it’s what they’re used to from the earlier days of the net.

Another great update from Barry Schwartz was reporting the news from Gary Illyes from Google, about an upcoming Panda refresh in the next couple months. I personally don’t care much about Panda updates or refreshes because it isn’t something that ever effects me and has a low overall impact in my opinion.

On June 1st I of course released my May 2015 Income Report. I had a small but always welcome income increase from the blog, but I also had a very good increase in traffic, subscribers, etc. I wasn’t necessarily surprised by the traffic increase, it was expected during the 31 days of blogging but I was surprised by how much it increased.

Speaking of the 31 days of blogging, I did an analysis of how the month went. It’s pretty detailed, and also contains a summary section where you can easily see a description of the posts and find what you like or want to read. I will also be including a how-to guide on starting your only blog, from setup, promotion, and monetization. I don’t know it all, I’m not an expert, but I’ve picked up a few things that could help a lot of people wanting to get started. There’s benefit whether you want to have a personal blog, or implement it for your business.

Have you ever wondered about a viable alternative to paypal for selling digital products? I’ve had a lot of issues with them ever since first signing up, but just a couple days ago published my review and described my experience with a great paypal alternative.

Ghergich & Co wrote an excellent guest post on finding hidden sales opportunities in your network. In fact, Megan from Ghergich emailed me the infographic at the perfect time because I was planning on writing a post that isn’t necessarily the same topic, but similar enough to where the infographic made sense in my post about generating more referrals for your business.

Hubspot posted an excellent article on a proposal formula that gets an 80% close rate. While I don’t believe in spending a lot of time on proposals, there are many of you that do and this should be helpful to you if that’s the type of thing you like. As for the close rate… take that with a grain of salt, who knows if it’s true or not.

That sums it up for this week. Find something cool for me to post next week in the round up? Send it over!

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