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Your Marketing and Business Recap 6/5-6/12

Welcome to the 2nd edition of the weekly marketing and business recap here on Income Bully. This is just a blog post rounding up and summarizing what I’ve posted this week as well as some other cool bits of information, blog posts, articles and infographics.

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Weekly Round Up June 5th – June 12th

I started off the week with a very detailed guide for bloggers using the platform, but wanting to move to a self hosted wordpress blog. I explained everything you need to do, from moving comments, subscribers, content and everything else to your own self hosted version of wordpress. Perhaps it’s basic knowledge for some of you, but there are a TON of people that are on the very limited version wanting a little bit of freedom!

I discussed a little bit about sales this week, and pointed out a common problem with people trying to get sales. I also shared one of my own stories. The tip is pretty simple but so few put it in practice. The post is appropriately titled, “Close More Sales By Shutting Up and Listening“.

On Monday I made a post inspired by the triple crown win of American Pharaoh. First triple crown winner in the last 37 years! The post I made though, wasn’t really about horse racing but more about creating a triple crown win for your business. The core concepts of a successful business being, growth, profit, and sustainability / diversification. Definitely a good read if you’re trying to build a real business.

Another exciting piece of content this week that was published on this blog, was a guest post by my friend Tyson Downs. Tyson has been running his own agency for a few years now, called Titan Web Agency and he has been killing it! I remember when Tyson first started out… Now he’s very established and a perfect example of what you should aim to be, both individually and professionally. He was kind enough to share a step by step guide on starting your own podcast.

We all hear about the normal mediums, direct mail, email marketing, cold calling, inbound, blogging, etc. which he does do all of that, but he has been using podcasting to build credibility, authority, generate leads, nurture the leads, and close sales! Want to see more from Tyson? Follow him on twitter!

Another cool piece of content came in the form of an infographic. It wasn’t something I put on this blog, but something I personally enjoyed and think maybe a few of you will also like. It was originally posted on “Findmyshift” on the topic of performance reviews. Of course, maybe this isn’t something that will help you if you have employees, but maybe you will find it useful if you’re doing scheduled reviews with outsourcers. Check out the infographic breaking down the pros and cons of performance reviews.

I did take a day off from blogging this week, first day in the last 39 days or so, which was nice but weird at the same time. The next day I came right back into the swing of things with the “lead generation tip of the week” post series, discussing the importance of using more than one form of lead generation. It was a bit more than that though, it talked specifically about how you shouldn’t be forcing a certain type of lead generation. I see people doing it all the time, there is a difference between doing things you don’t enjoy doing, and doing things you suck at because you think it’s the right thing.

I also came across a cool little blog post, posted back in January comparing different industries and countries for average CTR, CPC, and other stats in regards to advertising on facebook. Not sure what I’m going to do with the knowledge, but I found it interesting anyway.

A lot of people define the style of SEO they use with a color hat. White hate, black hat, whatever. I wrote a post on why “White Hat SEO” doesn’t exist.

Rand Fishkin posted a link I saw on my twitter page, about what Twitter could be. I guess it’s just showing suggestions on how the social platform could improve, and I must admit, it looks pretty good. You can check it out here on behance.

Another post I enjoyed was a white board friday video by Rand Fishkin as well on The video talks about keyword research and how it’s different today than 2010. Here’s the video for you to see:

That about sums it up! I’ve gone through a lot of content this week, this upcoming week I’m going to use evernote and store some of the content I’ve found valuable. I’m a content junkie and it’s hard to remember everything I’ve seen!

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