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Your Marketing and Business Recap 6/13-6/20

This is the third edition of the marketing and business recap, where I share my own posts published during the week as well as some other pieces of content I’ve discovered and found useful throughout the week. If you have any suggested posts or see some content that you think should be featured in the weekly marketing / business roundup then send me an email at mailbox(at) or send me a message on twitter @incomebully.

So What’s Been Happenin?

This has been a pretty quiet week here on the incomebully blog, but that’s due mostly to the launch of my “Ice Cold Email Gold” product which was delivered to those that pre-ordered, as well as released as a “WSO” on the Warrior Forum.

The product is a course on how to implement cold email marketing, to generate leads and clients. I’ve been using mass cold emailing as part of my strategy for years. The great thing about it is that you can continue to scale and scale, even if you don’t have any employees and just working from home! CLICK HERE TO GET IT!

Due to the launch of my course, I only published one post this week, but it was a good one. It covered the basics behind selling web design services to businesses.

I’ve been looking at some other blogs, for traffic ideas. One idea I’ve had not just for traffic but to amplify my content reach and marketing efforts was to start using slideshare. I found this awesome post on getting a nice chunk of traffic from slideshare. came out with a blog post that I think is kind of a joke. It was a “backlink case study” trying to prove that there’s a slim chance in ranking if you don’t have backlinks. They said 99.2% of sites ranking in the top 50 have 1 or more backlink. The study is a bunch of crap, considering the same amount of sites in the top 200 probably have 1 or more backlink. It’s useless to use this as a pro backlink argument since scraper sites will provide backlinks to brand new domains as soon as they’re registered. I will be publishing a post providing a counter argument to the “data” they found.

Another post by Moz talked about a possible update in the Google algorithm. The blog post pretty much explains absolutely nothing, and I found it because I also noticed a change in some rankings. My theory is that it was a ranking adjustment based on silo structure, but I don’t have enough data to support that.

Found out that over half of searches and youtube views in the UK are on a mobile device. Great reason for you UK’ers to go after businesses that don’t have a mobile or responsive website. Also, time for me to fix a few things on this blog, like my lead magnet formatting being all out of wack on mobile devices.

Found an awesome blog post on ahrefs about “10 lesser known marketing tools” you should check out. I found a few that I would like to give a try.

On Twitter, I connected with a co-founder of the “UpTo” app. Looks pretty interesting, so if you want a calendar on steroids, you should check out UpTo.

That about sums it up for this week. I installed the “web clipper” plugin for firefox to tie into Evernote. Now it’ll be a lot easier to keep track of the content I like throughout the week.

What was your favorite piece of content this week?

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