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What I’ve Learned From 29 Days of Consecutive Blogging

I really didn’t expect to learn much during the 31 days of blogging challenge, but I have, and it’s not totally over with yet. On June 2nd or so, I will end up posting a very detailed blog post about the challenge and break down a lot of things, like statistics, metrics, challenges, etc.

This blog post is just a few basic things I’ve learned, that I never really expected to learn.

What I’ve Learned In This Challenge

I published regularly on this blog before the 31 days of blogging even became a thing here. I like to think that the post quality was pretty high and it was contributing value to the site and to the readers of this blog.

When I started this challenge, I was worried about keeping up with the same level of quality that you all have been used to seeing.

So here’s what I’ve learned:

#1 – Have a Consistent Posting Schedule

I’ve always heard about this and I never really thought it made that much of a difference as long as you have an active blog. For my business I would blog maybe once a week, maybe every other week, it was inconsistent and while I had decent organic traffic and referring traffic, it could have been much better if people knew there was some consistency in the blogging schedule.

Doing this challenge, people know that I’m blogging every single day, and they keep coming back daily to read the blog. It’s not only helping me with organic traffic it is increasing direct traffic along with referring traffic. It also helps the overall branding and positioning of the blog.

#2 – It doesn’t have to be long, in depth posts.

This was one of the misconceptions I had about blogging. I always wanted to put long, in depth articles or content that I knew would be valuable. This challenge has made me realize that it isn’t always possible, nor is it necessary to focus on word count or content length.

In fact, a few times I’ve posted just a video, to stay in line with the challenge. See them here:

Every Marketer or Entrepreneur Should Watch These Videos: Part one / Part two

That didn’t take a lot of time, and while at first it did seem like it wasn’t as valuable as other pieces of content I put out, it actually was very valuable. It didn’t take a lot of time and it was something that added value to the readers here.

I’ve also made other blog posts that were shorter in length but they had a point, and it was a valuable point.

Don’t get hung up thinking you have to create massive blog posts, you just need to add value. Hell, the videos I published in a blog post, weren’t even mine, but people still got value from it.

#3 – Don’t be afraid to make promotional blog posts

I’ve made a few promotional blog posts, one of the blog posts was during this challenge, but a few other blog posts were promotional before that.

I did a Mobile Renegade demonstration. I did a review of a new hosting company I started using. I also announced a new product I’m launching in June as well as allowing pre-orders.

When I say don’t be afraid to make promotional blog posts, selling products, affiliate offers, your own service or products, that doesn’t mean you just make every post about that stuff. Nobody is going to want to visit a blog that is shoving products down your throat. People want value.

So as long as you’re giving value to your visitors, you can mix in some promotion in there. They will understand and if it is beneficial to them, you’re still adding value by giving your trusted recommendation.

Trust is hard to build, don’t jeopardize it.

There’s a lot more I’ve learned as well, but these three are the most notable. Keep an eye out for the full length reflection to be posted on June 2nd!

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