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Since Income Bully is all about saving money, making money and getting bang for your buck Nathan asked me to write this up.

This is not about web design, SEO, link building or anything like that.  It’s actually about watching what you want at any time you want for free.  No cable fees, no popups, no ads, no bullshit.

As a bonus you may increase productivity if used correctly.  Now instead of taking an hour to watch a show you can watch it in 42 minutes since now you don’t have to see commercials.

This is about Kodi.

A lot of people are scared to use Kodi because they think the learning curve may be high.  That’s the farthest thing from the truth, it’s very simple to use once you realize how it works.

First thing go to  .  Download Kodi for your device.  This works on basically any device you have.  I’ll give you instructions for 3 devices Windows, Android and Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, that will cover most devices unless you own an Apple device (insert throwing up emoji) or Linux.


For Windows just download it and install it like you would a million other programs (do the Full install).  Just keep clicking next until it’s done.

After installation open Kodi and leave it open for a couple of minutes so that everything is updated.

For Android go to the Play Store and find Kodi or another easy way is put it on a USB stick and install it from USB using whatever File Manager that comes installed on your device.  Usually you would pick the Android ARM version but some devices are x86.

After installing Kodi open it and leave it open for a couple of minutes so that everything gets updated.

For Android Fire TV and Fire TV Stick the instructions are the same.  This is one of the more complicated installs.  You install the Android ARM version.  You need a computer and a Fire TV device for this.  There are ways to install without a computer but this isn’t one of those tutorials.

Step 1 Download ADBLink and the Android ARM version of Kodi to your computer.

Step 2 Turn on your Fire TV and login.  If it’s brand new create a new account.  I use fake information since I don’t want anyone to accidentally order Amazon programs that cost me money.  Amazon doesn’t verify the information so you can actually use a fake email.  Even if it’s not brand new you may want to unlink your account from it and add dummy info.

Step 3 On Fire TV > Settings > System > Developer Options > ADB Debugging On

Enable Download Files from Unknown Sources if your version has that.

Step 4 Find your IP address.  Settings > System > About > Network write this down.

Step 5 Open ADBLink. Click New > Description name it Fire TV > IP put in the IP address you wrote down in the previous step > Save

Step 6 If your IP doesn’t show under Connected Devices click Connect.

Step 7 Click Install APK.  Find where you put your Kodi download on your computer and click on it.  Now it’s installing Kodi.

Step 8 On your Fire TV go to Settings > Manage Your Apps > Kodi.  Start Kodi and let it run for a minute or two so that everything can update on it.

You’ve successfully installed Kodi on your device.  Now Kodi without addons doesn’t have what you want, Kodi is basically just a media player.  Without addons you won’t have the content that you want.

There are tons of addons and tons of ways of getting them.  Addons can be looked at as small programs within Kodi.  Each addon can have different content.  So one addon might be for music, another might be for videos, another might be for pictures, etc…  Then a video addon might only have TV shows and movies, another just sports, another just live TV, another might be for ethnic programming, etc…

One thing to remember addons are like programs you buy.  They need to stay updated or they can break and stop working.  Luckily with Kodi usually this is automatic.  The same can be said about the next paragraph which is about builds.

There is also something known as builds which in simplified terms is a bunch of addons and a different default look on Kodi that you can also install.  Installation of builds varies with some requiring special keys and registrations, some requiring payment and some completely free.

To keep things simple, we’ll just install the Fusion build which is one of the most common builds you will find.  This is just to give you an idea of how it works.


Open Kodi.  (Instructions are the same for all devices unless noted)


Go to System > File Manager > in the A Column click Add Source > Click on None > Type in >Click Done


Where it says Enter a Name for this Media Source click on it.  Then type fusion, click done.


Press OK.

Click the Home Button on the bottom center of your screen.


Click System > Add-ons > Install from Zip File > fusion


Click on start-here > click on > give it a few seconds to install

Go back to the Home screen if you haven’t already been sent there.

Click on Programs >  Config Wizard


You will be brought to a screen where you can pick the device type that you are using this is pretty self-explanatory.  For Fire TV / Fire Stick devices click Android.


Would you like to customize your add-on selection?  I pick yes.  This is up to preference.  Since I’m installing this build I might as well go all in.

Then it will download and install.  Takes a couple of minutes usually.



To watch movies and TV shows you go to VIDEOS.  Then you can pick some of the options at the bottom or go to VIDEOS > Add-ons and pick the addon you want to use.

Build notes.  When installing a build especially on Android devices and Fire TVs sometimes they won’t finish installing until you shut Kodi down.  The most popular ways are going to Settings > Apps > Kodi > Force Stop or just unplugging the device and plugging it back in and then starting Kodi back up.

Bonus: This is to install a slightly modified version of my build.  These instructions are for Windows since the Android/Fire TV version is an actual APK that is hosted on my server and I don’t want to kill my bandwidth.

Skip all of the steps above with the exception of installing Kodi on Windows.

If you already did all of the steps above you can reset your Kodi by going to Programs > Fresh Start > Yes.  Then Exit Kodi and restart it.

Step 1 Download my files here!ZYsGSRKQ!nLwZbB5USPtAeqST4nXt417ghwIpm-hzVm_7LCa6V84 or and unzip them somewhere you’ll be able to find them.

Step 2 Go to C:\Users\YourWindowsUsername\AppData if you don’t see the AppData folder go to File > Change Folder and Search Options in Windows File Explorer.  Then under View tab > click Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives.


Step 3 from AppData go to the Roaming folder > click Kodi > delete addons and userdata folders.  If you don’t have the addons folder don’t worry about it.

Step 4 copy and paste the addons and userdata folders you downloaded from the link in step 1 into the Kodi folder you have open.

Step 5 open Kodi and let it run for a minute or two to get any updates.




You can also do this in Android and on the Fire TV but the steps are a little different due to their file structure system.  If you do this on an Android device or Fire TV make sure you read build notes above.

Legal Notes: LOL!!!


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