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It’s the 31 days of blogging, and I think a promotional blog post is okay after everything else I’ve published, right? One of the topics I always get asked about by a lot of you, is related to email marketing, more specifically, COLD email marketing. I always give the best answers I can to your questions, but sometimes it’s impossible to go in depth without writing a long novel about what exactly to do!

Many of you have already bought the Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Own Web Agency, and a lot of you have said many great things about it, to me privately and publicly. I really appreciate that and you can trust that my biggest focus will always be providing you quality, actionable information that can get results.

I’m not interested in selling or teaching gimmicks. I’m not interested in writing about crap that doesn’t help you get clients or advance yourself and your business.

Most of you that have been following long enough, know that I keep it pretty real.

So Why Am I Creating This?

Many of you that have implemented cold emails, have problems.

These are problems you have:

  • You have awful copy in the email… usually it’s because of some expensive course telling you what to say and use that as a template.
  • You have bad deliverability
  • You have bad open rates
  • Your emails get sent to spam and junk
  • Your domains get blacklisted
  • Your IP gets blacklisted
  • You get banned from the email provider
  • You choose the wrong email provider
  • You make mistakes that can financially ruin you, and your business.

I know the problems, I know them very well. Know why? Because I’ve had those problems, not just once or a couple times, but a lot of times. I’ve learned a lot over the years and it cost me a lot of money and a lot of time.

So Who Is This For?

I believe this can be used for not only the B2B space but the B2C business folks as well. However, I’m not going to hype something up just to make a few bucks, my experience comes from the B2B space, I would guess your biggest problem with b2c is harvesting emails with ease.

My experience comes mostly from offering web design, marketing services, SEO, etc. I’ve also done cold emails on behalf of clients that were offering B2B services.

I know for a fact it works for web designers, SEOs, freelancers, and businesses similar, because I’ve done it. If you’re in a different industry, you may not have as great of results, I can only vouch for what I’ve experienced.

This is also good for those of you that are terrified to pick up the phone and cold call. You can’t avoid the phone, but what you’ll learn inside is how to get these business owners to CALL YOU.

What’s Going To Be Included?

This will be the most comprehensive guide when it comes to cold email marketing, I can promise you that.

Very detailed, how to tutorials, along with information you can’t find anywhere else (at least I wasn’t able to find it anywhere else!)

Step by step instructions telling you what to do, and what not to do.

I’ll also be including “scripts” for both SEO and web design as well as showing you how to modify them to make it individual to you, and avoid spam filters and other nasty stuff!

Pretty much everything you could ever imagine being included in this guide, will be included. I will not hold ANYTHING back.

So Here’s The Deal

This chunk of awesome-sauce isn’t available yet. ONLY Income Bully Readers can pre-order and get the “early bird rate”.

But BEFORE I tell you how to do this… you should check out a FREE cold email webinar. You can see the kind of value I have given away absolutely for free, no charge, no strings attached. If you think THAT was valuable… your mind will be blown!

So here’s how you preorder.

Step 1: You have $17 to invest. When this product is launched, it will be more than $17. Since you’re pre-ordering a digital product, it’s only fair to give you an early bird special.

Step 2: You understand that pre-ordering doesn’t mean you’re getting the course TODAY. The official launch date will be June 16th. However, you guys will get it a few days earlier.

Step 3: When you decide to purchase, you MUST use an email address that is valid, otherwise you won’t get access when it’s released!

Step 4: There will be a file to download, it will include my skype user id, send me a contact request with your receipt number and you will gain access to the Income Bully Mastermind Skype Chat as a free bonus.

Step 5: Do It!




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