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Mid-Month Update: January 2015

A few people have emailed asking how things are going so far this month, so I thought I would address that in an update for everyone to see. If you checked out my December 2014 income report I talked about my plans for January. So far I’m pleasantly surprised.

How I’m Doing with My Plans

I don’t want to give away too much information or else you guys won’t have any reason to come by and check out the income report for this month but I can say that I’ve surpassed what I expected in WSO sales, my Ultimate Blueprint To Start a Web Agency. That being said, I am still trying to figure out an alternative way to bring in a more passive income because I know those sales are going to drop off.

My overall plans for this month have actually kind of sucked though. I’m having a hard time balancing between making money online and managing my businesses and I’m finding it hard to focus. You know how people talk about “Shiny Object Syndrome”? I never understood how people could be affected by something like that until now. It’s not so much that I need any and every product out there, I have a good idea of what I want to accomplish but I have so many ideas that I don’t know what to implement first.

If you read last month’s income report, you can see that I talked about building a niche site for my WSO, to extend the life of sales. I do believe that is still a good idea but I feel that I could just as easily use Income Bully as a medium to continue driving traffic to the guide. In all reality, it makes more sense to not invest time into that since the same type of content will be shared here, why double the work load for myself for what may be very little change in sales?

Another thought about the “Start a Web Agency” niche site, is that maybe I should wait and use that as a longer term project, modify the guide a bit to not mention anything about “WSO’s”, raise the price to $97 and see what happens?

Anyway, the reason I’m not moving forward on that niche site just yet is because I have some other ideas that can leverage my existing assets. I plan on having a different niche site for certain business owners, and selling different guides and affiliate products to them. I don’t want to go in further detail about specifics until it’s launched and things are fairly solidified but I do intend to use Mobile Renegade for some scraping of emails and getting a head start to building an audience for that niche site.

I will hopefully stay focused on this and be able to give you a progress report on this plan in my income report coming on the 1st of February.

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Some Cool Stuff!

I was really excited to get an email the other day. Most of you know I haven’t done much of anything to promote this website. I have shared the link to this website exactly 3 times, that’s it. I’ve received a lot of awesome traffic considering only 3 links were shared. 1 to my email list of people that bought my WSO. 2 links were shared on Warrior Forum and drove a considerable amount of traffic, much more than I expected 2 links to bring!

Sidetracked… sorry.. The email I was excited to get was from a blogged in Sweden. He made a post on his blog titled, 99 Bloggers and Startups That Publish Transparent Income Reports. That’s really awesome that someone already discovered the blog organically and decided to include it in the list of 99. Mine was ranked #33 so that’s pretty cool. I obviously have some improvements to make but getting a niche shout out, even though it is most definitely bait for other bloggers to repost or share to bring them traffic, it still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thank you Mikael from Sweden!

Some more cool stuff….

I saw some cool videos about “The Machine”. The course is about $2,000 so I obviously didn’t buy it but I did watch some of the free training videos and it really made me think. The system is too complex for me to implement in my other businesses but I will take away some of the strategies and use it to improve my process. I will also use a similar setup on this blog to keep people engaged.

List Building

So far my list building is going decently. I’m using Aweber for list building instead of mailchimp. I love mailchimp so much and they’ve been so kind to me over the years leading to a ton of offline sales but they aren’t fans of affiliate links. I supposed if all I wanted to do was pump out products, I could stay with mailchimp but that defeats the purpose of me doing this to try and accomplish a more PASSIVE income, doesn’t it? That’s the only problem I have with Mailchimp, they’re without a doubt my favorite email provider but they just don’t like internet marketers, or selling any kind of affiliate products or even your own digital products.

I am very pleased with aweber and their delivery rates. Much better than I remembered a few years ago. I also like the automation and segmenting I can have with them. It’s a bit tricky setting it up but it’s worth it. The only pickle I have to pick with them is the double opt in, or confirmed opt in requirement. I wanted to have different lead magnets on this site along with other niche sites I create in the future and set it up as a different list. Using a confirmed opt in is not ideal for that purpose but I later discovered they DO allow you to have a single opt in through a form, just not API.

Also found a cool plugin I’m using for opt in boxes, but I’m already approaching 1,000 words for what was supposed to be a very brief update, guess I will tell you guys about that in the income report.

Enough of the update… do you guys think I should continue having a mid month update or just do the monthly income reports? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

Also, I haven’t received many questions to address for the mail bag feature. Go here to see details.


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