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Mailbag Issue 1: EMD’s for Local SEO, Opt In Boxes, and MORE

Hey Yall

Welcome to the first edition of the Income Bully mailbag. The idea is to eventually have a weekly series of the mailbag where you guys can ask anything you want and get my take on it. To submit your question, check out the mail bag page for information.

So lets get this started ey?

This question actually has been submitted by multiple people, Jack from Pennsylvania, Maria in California and a few others as well.

For local SEO is it important to have an exact match domain or have the location in the domain?

It isn’t necessary but it could give you a nice boost. I’ve seen a lot of people completely scrap a branded domain in favor of a new exact match domain with location and it backfires often. More times than not, the person doing the SEO ends up over optimizing the page and the end result is an unfortunate penalty and a pissed off client.

One person was asking for advice about this and the original domain is 7 years old, it had some age to it. I think 95% of the time you should stick with the original domain if possible. Keep in mind, you can also get the benefit of keywords in the URL by including them in the page URL structure, for example: Make sense?

Who designs your opt in boxes on the blog? Ryan H from Boca Raton, FL

If you mean the single line opt in usually placed in the middle of a blog post, that’s just a simple single line form created through Aweber. You know what… here’s an example… you should be putting your email in right about…now

If you mean the opt in boxes used as a lead magnet, I’m using Magic Action Box Pro version. There’s also a lite version for you to try out and it still has a lot of decent features. If you’re going to implement an inbound marketing strategy it’s one of the best plugins you can use on wordpress for your lead magnets.

One problem I have with it, is that it doesn’t have stats, split testing or analytics. I talked to Dean, the creator of the plugin and he sent me a link for the beta version that includes those features so I’m pretty happy about that. I definitely recommend it. Super easy.. doesn’t even require any coding knowledge.

Do you really believe you will make your goal of 5 figures a month by the end of 2015 away from your agency? Caleb, Ottawa Canada

Of course I have to believe it if I made it a goal. 🙂

Actually, I appreciate the difference between online and offline and I believe offline is easy, much easier than making the same income via internet marketing, niche sites, affiliate marketing, etc.

If I fail, then at least I know and everyone else knows what did and didn’t work.

What’s next for you product wise? Any plans on a new WSO coming out? Brittany from Loveland, CO

No plans yet Brittany. I realize that WSO’s kind of have a shelf life and I should be experiencing a drastic decrease in sales soon, but I’m not sure I want to continue pumping out WSO’s even though I’ve really enjoyed the process.

If I were to put out any sort of product in the immediate future it would be something to compliment the WSO that would be beneficial to those that have purchased.

What has been your biggest struggle in building your business? Kayla from Rochester Hills, MI

Wow, there’s been so many struggles I’ve had at many different stages. I have to say that besides getting started, my biggest initial struggle was finding the right mix of sales and work. When I was just a one man show and not even having a team to outsource part of the work to, it was difficult knowing how much time to focus on sales and how much time to focus on the work. It seemed that every time I would focus more on sales, I’d get behind on the projects, and then if I focused on projects I would have some money troubles.

It’s difficult finding that perfect mix.

My biggest struggle later on was probably support. Support sucked, and I had a whole bunch of complaints to deal with, refund requests, etc. It was pretty tough. That’s why it’s so important to develop proper systems and processes in your business that can be repeated by your employees or outsourcers.


Alright guys, that wraps up the very first issue of the mailbag. Like I said in the beginning, if you have a question you want to be featured in future posts, go over to the mail bag page and send in your question!



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