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Just a Little Thank You To All Of You

As I watch the progress this blog has made in just a few months, analyze a couple things, look at some common metrics I realize that all those things are interesting to look at and track. It’s fun to watch an increase in visitors, testing conversion rates, pages per session, average time per session and other things I normally look at during the monthly income reports I publish.

It’s nothing ground breaking or earth shattering, I’m not the first to do it and certainly won’t be the last. Everyone with a blog wants to see progress.

But you know what….

It’s NOT Me… It’s YOU

When I look at other successful blogs like Pat Flynn’s SPI, or many of the other great sites out there, it’s easy to think that they’re doing an awesome job, they’re making things happen. While that is definitely true, the most understated part of their success is the visitors.

In January when I launched this blog, I thought that maybe it would be a success and help others but I never imagined the different difficulties I’d experience, never imagined all the connections I’ve made in just a few months along with some new friendships.

There’s a big difference between growing an offline business and growing the readership of a blog in such a competitive field. Offline, I can easily implement some cold calling to generate some quick sales, use direct mail, pay per click, SEO, cold email marketing and other tactics to build a customer base. Online… it’s a lot harder, for me at least.

It’s not me that has grown this blog, it is you. Those of you that come and visit daily or however often you visit, those of you that email me, share on social media or share on forums, it’s you that’s been helping this thing grow.

So Thank You

I know this isn’t a typical blog post, and since I’m doing the 31 days of blogging challenge, it’s hard to continue on each and every day with a new topic. While this isn’t really about business, marketing, SEO or anything else that you’re used to when you visit here, I feel that this is a necessary post.

It’s so easy to look at analytics once a month and just look at numbers but I think you all are more than just numbers.

Going forward, I know that this blog will not grow without you.

My Promise to You

Many of you are in the same position I was throughout my journey. I didn’t really have anyone to help me, or any legitimate resources available from people that have gone through what I was going through.

Some of you have found this blog because you bought my “Ultimate Blueprint To Start Your Own Web Agency“. Some of you bought that, after finding this blog. Some of you found this blog through forums, social media, or organic searches.

While I may sell a product and maybe additional products in the future… I may make a little bit of money from affiliate products.. I promise to continue putting out content that is top notch quality and make sure my focus is not on profiting, but on people. People first, and profits will come naturally.

I also think it’s important to put out content that is helpful and available for free. I believe I have accomplished that so far in the young life of this blog. I will continue doing that.

I’ve had a few people emailing me, thanking me for the content I put out, and that is by far more gratifying than just trying to make a couple bucks, taking advantage of the readers here.

You can trust that I will never recommend or be an affiliate for something I don’t use, or don’t believe is a helpful product for you. You can also trust I will never create a product that is simply theory, and not based on my actual experiences.

Going Forward

Comparing the first 20 days of April to the first 20 days of May, I have experienced a 100.39% increase in traffic. I hope to continue this upward trend of growth.

But more importantly, I hope to continue hearing from you all and connecting with you. Some of you are members of the “Income Bully Mastermind Group”, which is a skype group with people from all sorts of different areas of expertise and experience. Some are beginners and others are veterans online and offline.

In the next week, I’ll be sending an invite to those of you subscribed to the email list, to join the skype group for free. It’s an awesome opportunity to connect with others doing the same thing you’re doing.

So if you haven’t subscribed to this blog yet, enter your email below.

Also, I’ll be starting the Friday Night Webinar Series pretty soon, once the 31 days of blogging are over.

Most importantly though, I’m interested in hearing what YOU would like to see? A forum? Podcast? Video tutorials?

Let me know in the comments below.

And once again, thank you to all of you that read this blog, whether you are a freelancer, offline business owner, marketer, etc. I’m lucky to have such a diverse crowd that frequents this place and want to make sure you all know you’re appreciated!


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