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July = Another 31 Days of Blogging… Are You In?

A lot of you have emailed me saying how much you enjoyed the regular content during the first 31 days of blogging I did. So I figured, why not do it again?

What’s The 31 Days of Blogging?

Well it’s pretty straight forward. The month of July has 31 days, for 31 days of blogging. Easy enough right?

Some of you have been wanting to get in on the action and now is your chance! It’s much easier to complete something when you have a group of people doing the same thing, headed towards the same goal.

Why I’m Doing Another 31 Days

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been updating the blog very often in the last couple weeks. I’ve had a lot of things going on and simply haven’t had the time.

I spent a lot of time working on the release of “Ice Cold Email Gold” which is my premium course on email marketing to generate clients. Leading up to the release, and a little after the release, I simply didn’t have much time to blog.

Then, I just wasn’t feeling like blogging. I spent some time planning out my content marketing strategy, looking into adding a few features for the blog, as well as doing some research on the launch of a new niche site I have in the works (completely unrelated to this blog).

So the reason why I’m doing another 31 days of blogging is because I need to get back on track with content production, and this forces me to do that!

Why You Should Join In The Fun

There are so many benefits of blogging. I don’t care what type of blog you have, website, whether you’re a consultant, internet marketer, offline business, etc. you can benefit from having a blog.

In the first 31 days of blogging, I did an analysis at the end of the 31 days and I experienced an increase in traffic. Not just a small increase in traffic, I had a 154% increase in traffic. That’s big!

There’s other benefits though…

If you’re a local business, having a blog helps you not only establish trust and credibility with potential clients or customers but it also helps you when it comes to local SEO. Having industry related posts mixed in with your location, really helps you in ranking.

You can use your blog for lead nurturing purposes, lead generation, list building,

For everyone else… each piece of content you create is a long term investment of which you can see interest paying off for long into the future.

If you don’t have a blog, I encourage you to start up. This is the perfect opportunity. Get your free domain name and some cheap hosting with Arvixe, and get writing!

Leave me a comment with your blog if you’re going to be joining in!


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