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Income Report: March 2015

This is the 4th income report for the blog, where I break down things that have happened this month, how much I’ve generated online through this blog and other ventures outside of my main offline business. I also compare metrics from now, to past months so you guys can see my progress and also that I have some sort of accountability.

I have to be honest here, this is an income report I don’t really want to publish. Last month I had a little dip in income but it was expected and I wasn’t really worried about it. This month, I had another decrease in income and it’s a little embarrassing.

In a lot of things I do, I expect a certain level of success, and the growth rate of certain metrics. While I did have an increase in traffic this month, I feel that the only true metric that matters is revenue.

Think about it, if you have a family and kids that depend on you do you think they care that certain traffic metrics are up, but you don’t have food on the table? It really comes down to revenue, in almost everything.

I’m publishing this anyway, even though I don’t really want to, but since I made a commitment to do this I’m going to continue doing it no matter what the results are. Maybe this is the kick in the ass I need to get in gear.

So What Happened This Month?

It’s been an eventful month in my main business, but there also has been some excitement for the Income Bully blog as well.

Skype Mastermind Group

In one of the webinars done in March, I asked the audience what they thought would be helpful to grow the community and help the community interact more. I figure a forum would be a good idea but there’s not enough regular visitors to justify a forum, so I asked what they thought about a skype group.

Well, the launch of the skype group has been successful, a great group of people across the world accomplishing different things and most with a nice variety of background. It’s been great to connect more personally with a lot of you.

If you’re interested in joining, you better make sure to join the email list because it is now invite only and I will send one more invitation this month to join and that’s it!

Featured on a couple other blogs!

Another thing that’s been exciting is that I’ve been mentioned on a few other blogs as part of an expert round up. I connected with Codrut Turcanu who kind of specializes in that sort of thing.

The first site I was featured on was Matthew Woodward’s blog that was an expert round up on preferred tools for link building.

The second site I was featured on in the round up was asking about my favorite platform to build a site with. Apparently, I’m the only one that likes Joomla and platforms other than wordpress.

This was a pretty big deal for the blog because both sites generate a very large amount of traffic. Matthew Woodward is actually one of the people that influenced me to start this very blog. Awesome opportunity and great exposure!

Another awesome thing that happened is that my local SEO citation guide ended up getting included in the Ahref’s Blog Weekly Round Up.

Content on THIS blog…

This month I’ve implemented a partial plan for content production, and should make things a lot easier going forward.

The top 3 pieces of content for this month include:

1.) Local SEO Guide to Building Citations

2.) Cold Emailing for Lead Generation (Webinar Replay)

3.) Google Algorithm Update Targeting Doorway Pages

Other content created this month includes:

Luis’s Guest Post: A Blog Post About Other Blog Posts

Google Allowing BingAds Phishing Attack, Is It Intentional?

These Are The 3 Reasons You’re Destined For Failure

The Beginner’s Comprehensive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization – Guest post by Paul Savidge

Webinar Replay – Content Marketing for Lead Generation

CRO: Unlocking Conversion Power with Headers – Paul Savidge

Webinar Replay: The RIGHT Way to Approach The Reputation Management Gold Mine

Mailbag Issue: Search engine submissions, blogging, and sales.

Local SEO Structuring Titles and H1 Tags

And of course the February 2015 Income Report.

That’s not all though…

I announce that I would be doing a new blog series, which is the “Why It’s Ranking” 7 pack analysis where I break down different industries and locations and evaluate why they’re ranking, what could be improved, etc.

Issue 1: Plumber in Atlanta

Issue 2: Air Conditioning Grand Rapids MI

It was a pretty big month for content. 14 posts on the blog, pretty good. I’d like to up the content level even more if possible, but I don’t want to sacrifice quality.

Now Let’s Talk About Income

My Ultimate Blueprint to Start a Web Agency – $2,627 (-389)

Affiliate Income: $70.58 (-153.07)
Mobile Renegade
Clicks Magazine

Total Income = $2,697.58 (-542.10)

Alexa Rank – 997,051

Twitter Followers – 125

Youtube Channel Subscribers – 13

Email Subscribers – 419

Other Metrics:

Unique Visitors – 2,324

Bounce Rate – 54.65%

Pages Per Session – 2.65

Average Time On Site – 3:24

The biggest difference is the amount of traffic, almost 1,000 more unique visitors this month in comparison. Bounce rate raised a bit, no noticeable difference in pages per session or time on site but I intend to continue testing to improve those numbers.

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Here are a few tables you can use to see the data in comparison to the past.

Month & Year Unique Visitors Affiliate Income Total Revenue
December 2014 N/A $18.10 $3528.10
January 2015 921 $46.48 $4062.48
February 2015 1361 $223.65 $3239.65
March 2015 2324 $70.58 $2697.58
Month & Year Unique Visitors Bounce Rate Pages Per Session Time on Site
December 2014 N/A N/A N/A
January 2015 921 51.07% 2.93 4:04
February 2015 1361 49.74% 2.63 3:22
March 2015 2324 54.65% 2.65 3:24
Month & Year Alexa Rank Email Subscribers Twitter Followers Youtube Subscribers
December 2014 N/A 69 N/A
January 2015 2918591 212 72 0
February 2015 1492063 336 95 7
March 2015 997051 419 125 13

How Did I Do On My Goals?

Top 1 Million Alexa Ranking – I met this goal by just a tiny bit. 997K but I met the goal so that’s the important thing.

Engage in Blogger Outreach – Seems like it has worked a bit, 2 features in an expert round up and one post included in the Ahrefs weekly round up blog. Goal met.

Implement Content Marketing Plan & Publish More Content – I will rate this one as half way complete. I certainly did publish more content, but I haven’t been marketing the content much. I think there’s enough content here now to start making things happen.

Increase Social Shares – Social isn’t my strong suit, and one of my other goals was to create a new LinkedIn specifically for content marketing purposes with this blog but I didn’t do it yet. Massive fail.

Get To 450 Email Subscribers – Didn’t meet the goal but came close. I’m at 425 right now but that’s not enough. I’m averaging about 100 new subscribers a month but would like to double that. I think new lead magnets will accomplish a higher rate of growth as long as I do more to promote the blog.

Increase Pages Per Session and Time on Site Metrics – I can technically say this was accomplished but it isn’t enough to make a real difference. I need to continue working on this.

Get to 125 Twitter Followers – Met it… Exactly 125 as we speak. Help me out though and follow me on twitter!

Plans for April

Alright guys, I’m done messing around, and I need to get back on track and generating online income not just through this blog but other avenues. This is the reason, well one of the reasons I started this blog and I have failed many of you!

I need to treat my online activities like my main business, no more stay on the sidelines, and just publishing content without trying to bring in a new audience.

I need to invest my time and energy into areas I can see impact and hopefully have a short and long term ROI.

That said, it’s not going to take away from the content production you’ve been seeing here.

I’ve also been working on a cold email marketing course that lays things out step by step and should release that this month. Another thing I am going to launch is a couple different amazon affiliate niche sites. I don’t know much about that stuff, but I guess I’ll be learning.


Goals for April

  • Top 900k Alexa Rank
  • Increase Twitter Following to 200
  • Break 3,000 Unique Visitors for the Blog
  • Double Affiliate Income
  • Increase Email Subscribers to 550
  • Promote the Income Bully Brand
  • Launch 2 Amazon Affiliate Sites

I guess this covers most of what has happened in the month of March. Glad that’s over with, hopefully next income report is much better!


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