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Income Report: July 2015

Income reports are a fun post type for me and many of you enjoy reading them because it breaks down what has been done, what hasn’t been done, what’s working, what my plans are, and how I’m doing on my goals.

It helps me analyze the previous month and it seems like many of you enjoy reading as well.

The reason I’m posting income reports on a monthly basis is because the majority of my experience comes from my offline businesses and agency work, not exactly “internet income”. So in these reports you can expect to see some analysis of projects I’m working on, income this blog generates, my plans, niche sites, and other experiments I decide to run.

It seems just like a week ago I was publishing my last income report for the month of June. Every month it seems like time is just flying by faster and faster. Perhaps that’s another caveat of getting older (birthday was in the month of July too).

Enough about all that… let’s breakdown the month of July.

What Happened in July?

This month wasn’t exactly the most eventful when it comes to gaining traction with this blog or my online efforts, but sometimes I think months like that are necessary so you continue moving forward and making adjustments.

31 Days of Blogging

The first 31 days of blogging went very well and led to a big increase in traffic for me. This one, didn’t go so well. I missed a few days during the month and even wrote about why I considered not following through with the 31 days, but continued on until taking a break later in the month.

I was reaching burn out stage and could feel the quality of the content going down a little bit. I didn’t care so much about what I was writing, the focus was getting it done which is not the best way to grow the readership of this blog, or any blog for that matter.

I had other things going on this month as well, 4th of july holiday weekend, anniversary with my girlfriend, my birthday, and other events with friends and family. Personal commitments made the 31 days of blogging rather difficult, but it is ultimately my fault for not following through and making adjustments, perhaps better time management and planning could have helped a bit!

Looking back at my content production, not just in the month of July but previous months as well, I’ve always had a consistent posting schedule.

Not quite sure I want to do another 30-31 days of blogging anytime soon!

Mentioned in CashFlowDiaries.Com

I noticed a little bit of referral traffic coming from this site, I didn’t really know what it was but then I checked it out and I was featured in their list of blogger income reports. Top 15 is me!

Looking in my analytics I saw that some of the traffic has converted pretty well, already generated a few subscribers just by being in that list.

Cool idea.

The guy that runs the site seems to focus his regular content more on real estate, finance and related topics. Anyway, cool to be included, and makes it pretty convenient for me to compare financial progress of this blog with all the others that are being reported.

New Income Bully Design

This almost wasn’t included this month! I decided in the last few days of the month that I needed a new design so I looked at a few options and found the PointPro theme from mythemeshop pretty appealing.

I did a tiny bit of tweaking so far, but still need to do a few other things. I don’t really care about customizing it too much, just a few minor issues with spacing and other things.

I noticed my on page metrics were trending in the wrong direction and maybe that has something to do with the quality of traffic I’ve been getting but I still feel the decision to change themes was necessary.

I really like the fact that this one really highlights the comments, which I could have done with the other theme I was using but who has time for that?

Hopefully that helps things move in the right direction, I think it looks much more complete than the other theme. What do you guys think?

Top 5 Most Popular Posts This Month

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3.) Income Report: June 2015

4.) How I Ranked a Client’s Site in 20+ Cities for 60+ Keywords with Duplicate Content

5.) The BlueHost & HostGator Alternative: Arvixe Web Hosting Review

This top 5 list is a pleasant surprise when I compare it with June’s top 5. In June only one post made it to the top 5 that was actually written in june. This month, 3 out of 5 top 5 posts were written in July.

Getting search traffic to my Arvixe Hosting review post has helped with hosting commissions. I’m pretty sure 90% of the traffic or unique visitors that page receives is from search. Seems like the majority of that search traffic is coming from other countries outside the US. If I can improve my rankings there, I bet it would also improve my affiliate commissions with them.

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And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


July 2015 Income Analysis

Here’s the breakdown:

My Ultimate Blueprint To Start a Web Agency
Ice Cold Email Gold – The Key to Cold Email Marketing Mastery
Total Self Created Product Income : $2,904

I just combined my two guides/courses as one income stream. In the year end report I will break down both of them by income.

Now onto the affiliate income, which was record breaking this month!

Affiliate Income
Mobile Renegade  $337.95
Clicks Magazine $17
Infographic Megapack PLR – $21.05
Arvixe Web Hosting $210

TOTAL Affiliate Income $586 (+$136.04)

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – $131.86 (+$77.55)

Total Overall Income – $3,621.86 (+$243.59)

Green is good! Very nice increases this month and even though I hoped for a larger increase it’s still heading towards the right direction.

I have a few projects I’m working on in the month of August and will probably take an income hit unless I can focus in on some “quick win” areas, but I should be seeing a steady increase month over month from now on overall.

Affiliate income is growing each month which is a great sign, and my Ultimate Blueprint To Start a Web Agency is still selling strong, even stronger than my more recently released Ice Cold Email Gold.

Other Metrics For The Blog

Alexa Rank – 290,185  (Last Month was – 377,461)

Twitter Followers – 1,063 (This time last month was at 970)

Youtube Channel Subscribers – 38 (Last month was 31)

Google+ Followers – I only really use Google+ for getting some traffic in communities which is probably why I don’t see much of an increase in followers. Last month I was at 18, and lost one this month! Down to 17, so pathetic but I’m not convinced Google+, aside from communities would be a good investment of my time.

Aweber Email Subscribers – 896 (755 last month, my email list seems to steadily grow around 20% month after month which is good growth rate in my opinion.)

More Metrics:

Unique Visitors – 8,015

Bounce Rate – 67.91%

Pages Per Session – 1.68

Average Time On Site – 1:30

Overall I’m pretty happy with the results of this month even though pretty much everything was a failure. Traffic was down, but it was going to be much worse. Other metrics were trending in the wrong direction and I hope to have that curtailed for the moment but I guess we won’t know until next month!

Income has been rising, can’t complain about that.

Overall, this month was good despite the fact that I haven’t nurtured social media accounts or made an effort to truly expand my audience here.

Just like previous months, my highest conversion rates (visitor to subscriber) has come from social sources. I have doubled my social traffic in July, and could probably double it again if I placed more effort in that area.

Here’s some data so you guys can see my progress month over month.

Month & Year Unique Visitors Affiliate Income Total Revenue
December 2014 N/A $18.10 $3528.10
January 2015 921 $46.48 $4062.48
February 2015 1361 $223.65 $3239.65
March 2015 2324 $70.58 $2697.58
April 2015 2528 $400.90 $2391.90
May 2015 6422 $400.90 $2829.90
June 2015 9830 $449.96 $3378.27
July 2015 8015 $586 $3621.86
Month & Year Unique Visitors Bounce Rate Pages Per Session Time on Site
December 2014 N/A N/A N/A
January 2015 921 51.07% 2.93 4:04
February 2015 1361 49.74% 2.63 3:22
March 2015 2324 54.65% 2.65 3:24
April 2015 2528 54.36% 2.09 2:06
May 2015 6422 58.11% 1.89 1:56
June 2015 9830 61.4% 1.82 1:58
July 2015 8015 67.91% 1.68 1:30
Month & Year Alexa Rank Email Subs Twitter Youtube Google+
December 2014 N/A 69 N/A N/A
January 2015 2918591 212 72 0 N/A
February 2015 1492063 336 95 7 N/A
March 2015 997051 419 125 13 N/A
April 2015 786089 506 399 19 12
May 2015 537433 611 573 26 11
June 2015 377461 755 970 31 18
July 2015 290185 896 1063 38 17

How Did I Do on My Goals?

Can I just skip this section? The ONLY goal I actually met was doubling my social traffic, and that wasn’t even my own doing. I had help from people like Andrea and others that visit the blog and are sharing posts on twitter, facebook, etc.

The other goals? If you want to go back and see what they were, go ahead, but I want this section to be over with as soon as possible.


Plans For August

My plans for August aren’t too drastic. I know I need to spend more time promoting via social media since that traffic source is the highest converting for me so far.

I also have a few other projects I’m working on that I’d like to “go live” this month. One of those projects being a membership website for people needing proxies (for mobile renegade and other programs)

One other problem I have is that some affiliate products need to be cut out from being promoted on this blog. For example, MyThemeShop is one affiliate offer I have, and I really like their themes for wordpress but their conversions are absolutely awful. Why should I continue to have a banner in such a prominent spot for a poorly converting product when I can use it for a better converting offer, one of my products, or use it to build up my list more?

I also intend to do a bit of outreach and networking. Maybe try to get included in some roundups or do some guest posting to expand my reach.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is setting up a facebook page for the blog. I think it’s almost time and am considering doing that in August but I kind of feel that I need to effectively utilize existing social properties before I spread myself too think with another. .


Goals For August

I’m going to keep the goals this month pretty simple and straight forward.

Here they are:

  • Have a record traffic month
  • 1,000+ email list in Aweber
  • 1,350 Twitter Followers
  • Put my products on jvZoo
  • Get included in 2 roundups
  • Find a Guest Blogging Opportunity
  • Add more video content in blog posts
  • Launch a case study on co-occurrence
  • Launch Niche Site/Blog

Each of these goals are reasonable for me to accomplish and they all keep me headed in the right direction. Make sure to come back this time next month  and see how I did!

As always, your comments are very much appreciated.


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