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Income Report: April 2015

It’s that time of the month again, a new beginning with endless possibilities, right? This is the 5th income report of this blog, where I break down what’s been done, how I’m doing on my goals, and what my future goals consist of.

My expertise comes from my offline businesses, one of which I sell b2b services, like web design, SEO, etc. and while this blog is an outlet to share that knowledge to others in the industry, I also am using this to share my journey to a “more passive income” through online efforts.

Last month’s income report, I was disappointed and felt ashamed of myself for the downturn in income. This month, I had another decline in online income, however, I’m not disappointed because there are a lot of other metrics going in the right direction and I’m taking steps to have a nice month of growth in May.

What Happened In April

I was concerned about traffic to the blog, and didn’t think I would have an increase in traffic this month since there was 1 less day in the month compared to March. However, I wanted to do what I could to increase the growth so I took a more active role in social media, focusing on both Twitter and Google+ to boost my traffic.

Social isn’t a huge source of traffic for me, only about 6% of my total traffic is coming from social. The rest is pretty evenly distributed between Direct, Referral and Organic search.

Featured in an Expert Round Up

Codrut Turcanu asked me to contribute in a round up on Buildfire on “How To Promote a Local Business Online“. Nothing earth shattering was shared, because I decided to keep it simple, considering the target market of the website.

I like doing these expert round ups because it’s great authority building, decent source of referring traffic, and a good way to get to know others in this field.

Featured in Ahrefs Weekly Round Up

Ahrefs is a great tool for SEO, and analyzing backlinks but they also publish a lot of content on their blog, including a weekly roundup. In March I was also featured in their weekly roundup.

This month, my 7 link building tips for local SEO was included. (Thank you Helen 🙂 )

Announced the 31 Days of Blogging Challenge

To continue pushing content out on this blog, I decided to start a 31 days of blogging, challenge. This is a challenge for myself, and for anyone else out there that would like to join in!

Starting today, May 1st, I will be writing a blog post every single day. I’ve never been one to blog each and every day, so I’m a little concerned with being able to follow through, but since I’m made the announcement to all of you fine people on the interwebs, I guess I need to suck it up and just do it.

Does this income report count as part of the 31 days of blogging?

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Launched Amazon Affiliate Site

If you read the income report last month, you know I was disappointed in my lack of progress. I decided to take a step and try to do something to generate more income through online activities.

The initial goal was to launch 2 affiliate sites, but I only launched one, because it was a niche that I felt could be expanded, be evergreen and generate a decent income for that site.

I should say it is semi-launched, because I don’t have any traffic yet, just the site and some content. I literally have 0 unique visitors, so this is something I’m going to work on promoting in the month of May. I don’t anticipate it to start earning anything until maybe June or July but we’ll see!

Content On THIS Blog

The top 3 most popular posts on this blog overall were:

1.) 7 Local SEO Link Building Tips

2.) Ultimate Guide to Building Citations

3.) HostGator & BlueHost Alternative: Arvixe Hosting Review

Other Content Created This Month

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March 2015 Income

Like I said, I took another dip in income but I’m okay with it, I’m taking the necessary steps to grow it and since I’m not living off this income, it’s not like it’s too concerning. However, because of how I am, and the fact that I like to see measurable progress, you can expect this downturn to stop pretty soon!

Here’s the breakdown:

My Ultimate Blueprint To Start a Web Agency – $1,991 (-636)

Affiliate Income – $400.90 (+330.32)
Mobile Renegade
Clicks Magazine
Arvixe Web Hosting

Total Income – $2,391.90 (-305.68)

So as you can see, I had a decrease in sales for my ultimate blueprint but I did have an increase in affiliate income. Obviously, I can’t expect a super long life of a course product so a natural decline is expected. I have a couple ideas to increase income through that though, so we’ll see if my ideas will work in next month’s income report!

Other Metrics:

Alexa Rank – 786,089

Twitter Followers – 399 (This time last month was at 125!)

Youtube Channel Subscribers – 19 (but over 6,000 minutes of video was watched)

Google+ Followers – an embarrassing 12. However, I’ve been able to generate a lot of good traffic from Google+ communities.

Aweber Email Subscribers – 506 (over a 20% increase)

More Metrics:

Unique Visitors – 2,528 (a little over 8.4% increase in traffic)

Bounce Rate – 54.36%

Pages Per Session – 2.09

Average Time On Site – 2:06

I’m happy about the increase in traffic, especially since I thought I would have trouble beating last month’s traffic but I’m not happy about my other on site metrics like bounce rate, pages per session and time on site. I’m going to implement some testing, immediately.

I do think that part of the reason for the lower metrics for on page issues, is because of the increase in social traffic, which performs a little worse than other traffic. Also, in some recent blog posts, I haven’t had as much internal linking going on due to not having other blog topics related to those posts, so that may have been the reason for the decline as well.

Either way, I will be making some changes and attempt to work on those metrics.

Here are some tables to show the data in previous months and currently.

Month & Year Unique Visitors Affiliate Income Total Revenue
December 2014 N/A $18.10 $3528.10
January 2015 921 $46.48 $4062.48
February 2015 1361 $223.65 $3239.65
March 2015 2324 $70.58 $2697.58
April 2015 2528 $400.90 $2391.90
Month & Year Unique Visitors Bounce Rate Pages Per Session Time on Site
December 2014 N/A N/A N/A
January 2015 921 51.07% 2.93 4:04
February 2015 1361 49.74% 2.63 3:22
March 2015 2324 54.65% 2.65 3:24
April 2015 2528 54.36% 2.09 2:06
Month & Year Alexa Rank Email Subs Twitter Youtube Google+
December 2014 N/A 69 N/A N/A
January 2015 2918591 212 72 0 N/A
February 2015 1492063 336 95 7 N/A
March 2015 997051 419 125 13 N/A
April 2015 786089 506 399 19 12

How Did I Do On My Goals?

Have Alexa Traffic Rank Under 900k – I crushed this goal, as I’m sitting below 800k right now. While I know Alexa doesn’t hold too much weight, it’s cool to track the progress. Some companies end up giving free stuff to people with certain alexa ranks, and strangely opens a lot of opportunities once you improve.

Increase Twitter Following to 200 – Goal accomplished. I started using Buffer to schedule tweets and be more active on social media. My twitter following was growing at a snail’s pace, so it was nice to see a big jump from 125 followers up to 399!

Double Affiliate Income – I did more than quadruple my affiliate income this month. I didn’t make many changes in how I promote, though I should consider more active promotion of affiliate programs. Maybe blog post reviews and email sequences to continue increasing affiliate income.

Break 3,000 Unique Visitors – Goal FAILED! Ugh. I’m not too upset about it, I thought the big increase in traffic, over 1,000 new visitors in March compared to February would continue in April but it didn’t. That’s okay though, I am happy with the results, growth is growth. Over 8% growth in traffic in April, so while it may be a slower pace than I’d like, it’s still an accomplishment considering just a few months ago I was under 1,000 visitors/mo.

Increase Emails Subscribers to 550 – FAILED! I came close, but close doesn’t count unless it’s hand grenades or nukes. Meh. I still had over a 20% growth in my email list, and ended at 506. 44 subscribers away from my goal. I also plan to implement a few things on the blog to increase my conversions of subscribers.

Increase The Income Bully Brand – One of my goals last month was to further increase the income bully brand. I would say it’s a success, maybe semi-success. Getting more active on social media helps, but I still haven’t created a facebook page for the blog. Maybe I will do that this month? I feel that I need to work on growing my other social channels before adding facebook to the mix. I’m also seeing more people mention the blog on forums and other places, which is AWESOME!

Launch 2 Amazon Affiliate Sites – Semi success. I launched one amazon affiliate site, but no traffic yet. I decided to just do one because the niche is bigger than I initially was going for.

The Plans I Have In May

I’m excited for May, but also a little nervous because I really want to push forward and boost my online income.

31 Days of Blogging

Of course, I’ll be taking part in the 31 days of blogging challenge, and it WILL be a challenge to have the discipline, ideas, and quality content to post on a daily basis this month. I don’t have an issue putting out content, I have a pretty regular publishing schedule but each and every day is going to be difficult for me.

Launch of a New Product

I’m going to be launching a new product, VERY soon. It’s going to be a very detailed guide on email marketing, cold emailing, email strategies, etc. for those that use or want to use email as a strategy to grow their business. I don’t anticipate it being nearly as popular as my Ultimate Blueprint to Start a Web Agency but I do think a lot of people will find it exceptionally valuable.

Promote My Amazon Affiliate Site

Since I have a site with 0 traffic, I obviously need to get going on promoting it. I also need more content on the site if I want to pick up some search traffic. While I would like to bring in additional income through this site right away, I don’t anticipate that happening for a few months but I need to lay the ground work.

Goals for May 2015

In order to continue on the path of growth, I need to keep setting goals. Goal setting is important in nearly everything we do or want to achieve in life.

Goals for this month include:

  • Top 600k in Alexa Rank
  • Increase Email Subscribers to 600
  • Get to 600 Twitter Followers
  • Further Optimize the Blog for subscribers and better metrics
  • Break 3,000 Unique Visitors (try this one again)
  • Have Record Breaking Month in Income
  • Successfully Complete the 31 Days of Blogging
  • Track Subscriber Conversions By Adding Goals in Analytics
  • Start Working Out Each Day (personal goal, unrelated to the blog)

I guess that sums it up for this month guys and gals.

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