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Ice Cold Email Gold Has Launched… Did You Get It?

The blog has been looking pretty empty for the past week, but all is well, I’ve just been working on the launch of my guide, “Ice Cold Email Gold” that helps you get clients by mass cold emailing.

This is one of my favorite forms of client acquisition.

Why is it one of my favorites?

  • It’s Efficient
  • Easy to Scale
  • Brings inbound leads
  • Awesome addition to your marketing strategy
  • It nurtures leads before they’re even leads!
  • And so much more

What is in this guide?

Everyone that has their own B2B business, whether it’s selling web design, SEO, PPC, reputation management or whatever other service, has usually thought about the idea of emailing other businesses to generate leads.

It’s easy to do at first glace, but the problems start arriving soon after you start.

Eventually you realize that manually emailing all these businesses isn’t something you can effectively scale, you’re not getting a good response, you’re having issues getting emails delivered, it becomes a full time job which is not what you want out of any marketing technique.

So in this guide… I teach you how to MASS email.

Mass email is the only way to really do this efficiently and at scale. It’s the other way you can automate the process.

The common problems with mass emailing are nothing to sneeze, they can be very large problems and nearly impossible to deal with.

These are the problems you will face…

  • Getting banned by your service provider
  • Getting banned by your ISP
  • Getting your domain blacklisted
  • Getting your IP address black listed
  • Get sent to spam due to spam traps
  • Not get your emails delivered, period.
  • Not getting people to CARE about your emails

There are many other problems as well, but these are the big ones.

I show you how to avoid these problems, and tell you how to deal with them if you make a mistake.

I show you how to build your list. With automation or manual action.

I show you how to split test, how to set up your accounts, how to clean your lists, how to have good sender reputation.

This is the A-Z guide on email marketing.

Is This For You?

Maybe…. maybe not.

If you’re just someone sitting at home in the basement or spare bedroom, trying to grind out some sales and don’t have money or time to invest, this isn’t for you. It would help you, but if you don’t have the dedication or the ability to put this knowledge into action, it’s useless.

This isn’t for everyone.

This is for the people wanting to grow a business. There’s no “easy way out” but this is the closest thing to it with the knowledge and instruction given in this guide.

Do you need to add an additional lead generating activity to your business? This is for you…

Bonuses Included

There are two bonuses included in this guide.

1.) You get access to a premium, exclusive, skype group where there are other business owners across the world. There is no selling that happens in the group, just a community of people that have similar goals and mindsets as you. We’ve talked about sales, SEO, emailing, lead generation, blogging, list building and many more topics. The group is active each and every day. You can benefit greatly from the years of experience these people provide, plus you get direct access to me for any questions, support, advice, etc.

2.) I include a “Trip Wire / Biz in a Box” guide in here that will help add profits to your company, skyrocket your conversions, and allow you to know exactly WHO is worth focusing your time on. This is also newbie friendly, as the trip wire biz in a box system can allow you to run a business JUST based on what’s in the guide.

I’ve posted this guide as a “WSO” on the warrior forum, where you can go and read reviews, or post a review.

You can also leave comments here if you have any questions before you buy, or leave reviews once you do buy!

This is for sale, temporarily at $27.


^^^Seriously, click that..I’ll see you on the other side! ^^^


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