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Freaky Friday Night Webinar Replay: Local SEO Training

Hey guys, if you’re on the blog email list you heard about my big announcement a couple weeks ago about a weekly webinar series.

Well, the first webinar was last night, Friday the 13th and it was a success.

Of course it didn’t come without a few hangups, the major hang up is that I originally was worried that the amount of content to be covered wouldn’t be enough for the hour time slot I planned for. I didn’t have a shortage of content, I had waaay too much content planned for this. In fact, it could have been something that could be covered in 2, 3 or maybe even 4 separate webinars. It lasted about 2 and a half hours, so if you’re pressed on time, you may want to bookmark this page and come back later.

Also, I apparently cut out at times, I’m guessing the bandwidth the webinar was using wasn’t good for my internet connection. It didn’t help that my girlfriend and her daughter were upstairs playing minecraft while the webinar was in progress.

At the END of this post, if you’re wanting to join the next webinar or future webinars you should subscribe. This is different than subscribing to the income bully blog, if you want exclusive access this is the only place you will get it. I’m doing this so I don’t burn out my subscribers and only email those interested in the webinars we’re doing.

For those of you interested in running your own webinar for clients, the platform I use is clickmeeting and I really enjoy it as an alternative to gotomeeting.

Anyway, watch the replay of the webinar below, if you want to skip into the juice we really get started at 3:30:

Intro: 3:30

On Page Optimization: 10:50

Listing Optimization: 1:05:08

Citation Building: 1:18:07

Local Backlink Building: 1:43:40

Quick tips, Selling SEO: 1:52:40

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