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December 2016 Income and Traffic Report

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad 2016 is over, and I’m looking forward to 2017.

Each month I publish my income and traffic report, no matter how bad it may be.

It’s a way for me to stay accountable, or publicly humiliate myself by not following through with my goals set in the previous month.

It’s only for blog related income, no offline income or investment income. My hope is for this to help some of you others out there looking to generate a few bucks with your blog or other web properties.

I’m going to keep this income report as short as possible, because I also have my annual report to be published that will have a lot more content than this.

What Happened in December?

The main thing I focused on in December was creating an extremely long, detailed, to-do list for the blog.

This is going to be my number one project for 2017, and I’m going to do my best to refrain from other side projects that inevitably get in the way of making any sort of progress on the blog.

I’ve mapped out content ideas, media platform plans, design changes, feature changes, etc. that I want to implement this year.

It was too late for December to be a turnaround month for 2016, so I spent the majority of the time setting up plans and a system to move things forward.

December 2016 Income and Traffic Stats

Self Created Income/Courses

Income: $1,251

Coaching Income

  • 0 Sessions

Note: Page coming soon for coaching.

Income: 0

Affiliate Income

Affiliate Income – $288.53

TOTAL Income Bully Blog Income – $1,539.53

Thoughts on December Income

Since December was a month of preparation, I didn’t expect more income. However, one of the biggest sources of income relating to this blog is my WSO sales for the Ultimate Agency Blueprint and Ice Cold Email Gold. 75% of the sales I receive come from Warrior Forum, which I have been inactive on for close to a year.

They have changed their default design to something similar to inbound and reddit, instead of the classic forum style that shows signature links.

I had over 6,000 posts, with signature links that were able to drive a lot of traffic. I guess something changed, because sales were okay until towards the end of the month where there was a huge drop off in traffic and sales.

Moving forward, I guess I will need to place more focus on the new SEO guide, as well as a way to improve sales on existing guides.


Alexa Rank – 411,901

Twitter Followers – 3,258

Youtube Channel Subscribers – 74

Google+ Followers – 38

Aweber Email Subscribers – 2,684

More Metrics:

Unique Visitors – 3,419

Bounce Rate – 78.15%

Pages Per Session – 1.49

Average Time On Site – 1:19

Thoughts On Traffic and Blog Metrics

It’s what I expected. What I find most surprising is that my subscriber list hasn’t decayed more than it has grown. Thankfully, I have quite a few blog posts ranking well for some decent search terms that contributes to a bit of traffic.

On the flip side of things, the amount of search traffic in comparison to other traffic is cause for concern. I definitely need to make sure I continue to diversify traffic sources.

All this will be addressed in 2017!

Note: Usually I include a table of all the past months to show a comparison, but this will be included in my annual report so keep an eye out for the next day or so.

Final Thoughts

I worked a lot on plans, now it really just comes down to execution. Planning is an important part of any business and strategy, but plans don’t get you anywhere without execution.

I’m hoping 2017 brings renewed focus, dedication, and brings the blog to its’ highest point yet!

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