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December 2015 Income Report

Welcome to another IncomeBully Income Report! December closes out 2015 and I’m looking forward to the next year.

Income reports aren’t exactly a new thing for a lot of bloggers, I’m not the first one to do this. The reason I’m doing it is to track the progress from the very beginning stages. It seems that a lot of the more popular blogs that have been doing income reports, started tracking income a while after building a presence.

My income reports, are a bit different. No waiting around to show fluffed up numbers to boost my ego. This in my opinion, is more beneficial to the readers here, but it’s also beneficial to me to break down each month and see what needs improvement, and what has worked to generate more traffic and income.

The income reported here is made 100% from the blog and “internet marketing”. It does not include consulting income, offline income or traditional investment income.

What Happened in December?

Looking from the outside, December was a slow month, it appears that absolutely nothing has happened over here on Income Bully but in reality it was a semi busy month.

I didn’t have any extravagant posts, or groundbreaking things that have happened. No product launches, nothing crazy good happening but things were developing.

Largely, in the month of December I was focused on finishing up some personal projects along with making preparations for the new year and of course the holiday madness. The last week of December hammered me with a nasty cold so my productivity during the final push in the month was nearly non-existent.

A cool thing I noticed though in my analytics is that I was included in part of an income round up on a German website. It has sent a few referrals and some subscribers. Hopefully they understand English better than I understand German!

I laid out some plans to grow this blog along with online passive income, so to put it simply, December has been a month of preparations for 2016.

Let’s take a look at December’s Income…

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December 2015 Income and Traffic

Here’s the breakdown.

My Ultimate Blueprint To Start a Web Agency
Ice Cold Email Gold – The Key to Cold Email Marketing Mastery
Total Self Created Product Income : $1,675

I just combined my two guides/courses as one income stream. In the year end report I will break down both of them by income.

Affiliate Income

Mobile Renegade – $45.06

Clicks Magazine – $8.50

Arvixe Web Hosting – $140

MyThemeShop – $48

BlueHost – $65 

TOTAL Affiliate Income – $306.56

Total Overall Income – $1,981.56


Thoughts on December’s Income

A slight uptick in comparison to November but not much. It was to be expected though and actually, I did expect a dip in income due to how inactive the blog has been compared to earlier in 2015.

Mobile Renegade affiliate sales have dropped. I sometimes wonder if the software has already peaked and will never command much more in terms of volume. I guess new people get introduced to sales each and every day so there will always be a need for a scraper, but I feel very limited in terms of affiliate offers I promote.

Going forward, I expect blog related income to be about the same and probably drop a bit. Since I started out so strong in 2015 and then let the blog go unattended for so long, it’s almost like starting over. It will take some time to build back up and get things moving again, but hopefully will regain form in the early months of 2016.


Alexa Rank – 349,370

Twitter Followers – 1,238

Youtube Channel Subscribers – 45

Google+ Followers – 22

Aweber Email Subscribers – 1,236

More Metrics:

Unique Visitors – 2,191

Bounce Rate – 72.71%

Pages Per Session – 1.64

Average Time On Site – 1:53

Thoughts on December’s Metrics

December was about the same as November with a slight decline in unique visitors, but a slight improvement in Alexa rank (does it matter?).

My Twitter following has continued to decline, likely because I haven’t really tweeted much since last August, but that’s about to change, I’ve been slacking on the social media front. However, that’s to be expected considering there hasn’t been very much content to promote and share!

I look forward to the fresh start a new year always provides.

Here’s some data so you guys can see my progress month over month.

Month & Year Unique Visitors Affiliate Income Total Revenue
December 2014 N/A $18.10 $3528.10
January 2015 921 $46.48 $4062.48
February 2015 1361 $223.65 $3239.65
March 2015 2324 $70.58 $2697.58
April 2015 2528 $400.90 $2391.90
May 2015 6422 $400.90 $2829.90
June 2015 9830 $449.96 $3378.27
July 2015 8015 $586 $3621.86
August 2015 6209 $777.93 $8386.24
September 2015 2372 $132.06 $1912.06
October 2015 2249 $267.59 $1277.59
November 2015 2331 $331.68 $1757.68
December 2015 2191 $306.56 $1981.56
Month & Year Unique Visitors Bounce Rate Pages Per Session Time on Site
December 2014 N/A N/A N/A
January 2015 921 51.07% 2.93 4:04
February 2015 1361 49.74% 2.63 3:22
March 2015 2324 54.65% 2.65 3:24
April 2015 2528 54.36% 2.09 2:06
May 2015 6422 58.11% 1.89 1:56
June 2015 9830 61.4% 1.82 1:58
July 2015 8015 67.91% 1.68 1:30
August 2015 6209 65.03% 1.72 1:57
September 2015 2372 74.96% 1.63 1:27
October 2015 2249 75.94% 1.62 1:30
November 2015 2331 73.23% 1.75 2:01
December 2015 2191 72.71% 1.64 1:53
Month & Year Alexa Rank Email Subs Twitter Youtube Google+
December 2014 N/A 69 N/A N/A
January 2015 2918591 212 72 0 N/A
February 2015 1492063 336 95 7 N/A
March 2015 997051 419 125 13 N/A
April 2015 786089 506 399 19 12
May 2015 537433 611 573 26 11
June 2015 377461 755 970 31 18
July 2015 290185 896 1063 38 17
August 2015 242955 1054 1339 40 19
September 2015 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
October 2015 369324 1162 1261 42 20
November 2015 372286 1190 1258 45 20
December 2015 349370 1236 1238 45 22

Plans For January

I’m really excited for the new year. There’s a lot of things I want to do and accomplish and a lot of improvements I can make on the blog, on myself, and in my life. I’ve already hit the ground running and I’m ready for 2016.

Here are a few plans for January:

Get Back On Track With Content Production

I’ve taken steps in December to prepare for the new year with content production. I’ve laid out a content schedule of topics I want to cover, what type of content it will be, length, etc. I want to cover a wide range of topics, SEO, Local SEO, Marketing, Lead Generation but also cover general business related topics, management, hiring, sales, systems and processes, planning, forecasting, saving money as well as other things I learn along the way.

Get ready… it’s going to be a fun  year and content is going to come out regularly!

Take Social Media More Seriously

To be honest, I have never cared much about social media. I’ve done stuff for clients and it has helped them quite a bit but social media isn’t really something that stands out as a must have platform for B2B companies with maybe the exception of LinkedIn. Social media was never a big focus for me in getting clients, but now that I’m blogging and touching on a wide range of topics, it’s probably more important than it ever has been for me, and I need to give it the proper time and effort.

Start and Finish Other Projects

There’s a lot of things that I’ve wanted to do but haven’t had the time, or partially started without finishing. January is going to be when I clear out a bunch of the stuff I’ve been wanting to do, but this time I’m actually going to finish! Many of the things on my to do list are actually small tasks that are quite simple. It’s time to complete all of them and cross them off.

Some are larger projects that will require more time and effort but if my estimation is correct, it should be worth it.

Post My Annual Report

What I say here is going to be redundant and can be replaced with a link in probably 16-18 hours when my 2015 Annual Report is going to be posted.

This report will break down the entire year. It will be very critical of my shortcomings and layout a plan for 2016.

Final Thoughts

Not much to say here… I’m ready for another year, 2015 is history!


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