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The Bluehost and Hostgator Alternative: Arvixe Web Hosting Review

I’ve been getting a lot of emails, especially recently about which hosts I recommend. The last few months I’ve been trying out quite a few and seem to be disappointed by a lot of them. It’s so freaking difficult to find a decent hosting company to use for clients, and for my own personal projects.

I’ve been using both Hostgator and Bluehost for years, but have noticed quite the decline in support. I still think they are “good enough” when it comes to hosting but if you anticipate needing a lot of support, I no longer would recommend either of them.

There is another company that I’ve tried out and am extremely impressed with so far. The company is Arvixe.

Arvixe Hosting Review

First off, let me get this out of the way… I’m excited to be an Arvixe affiliate. That means if you get hosting through my link, I get a small commission from it. As many of you know, I do not recommend products, services, software, or anything that I do not personally use or see beneficial for the readers here. Probably one of the reasons my affiliate income is so low. Heh.

Now let me tell you why I recommend them for hosting your website, blog or client websites.

If you read my income report of last month, you will see that one of my goals is to try out an amazon affiliate niche site. I’ve already started it, design is ready and nearly launched. The hosting platform I decided to use was arvixe after I tested out a few clients on the server.

Check this out, load times after moving these clients to Arvixe from HostGator. Nothing else was changed, themes are the same, pictures are the same, everything is the same.

Website Hostgator Page Load Arvixe Page Load Percentage Difference
Roofing Site 1 1.98 seconds 1.64 seconds 17.7%
Roofing Site 2 3.45 seconds 2.37 seconds 31.3%
Roofing Site 3 2.29 seconds 1.73 seconds 24.45%
Roofing Site 4 3.61 seconds 2.2 seconds 39.06%
Roofing Site 5 2.83 seconds 2.03 seconds 28.27%
Landscaping Site 1 5.21 seconds 2.87 seconds 44.91%
Landscaping Site 2 4.53 seconds 2.94 seconds 35.1%
Landscaping Site 3 5.13 seconds 2.48 seconds 51.66%

I also have another table showing the difference in sites moved from one of my bluehost servers.

Website Bluehost Page Load Arvixe Page Load Percentage Difference
HVAC Site 1 2.94 seconds 1.57 seconds 46.6%
HVAC Site 2 3.30 seconds 1.96 seconds 40.61%
HVAC Site 3 2.88 seconds 2.13 seconds 26.04%
HVAC Site 4 3.72 seconds 2.11 seconds 43.28%
HVAC Site 5 2.48 seconds 1.89 seconds 23.79%
HVAC Site 6 3.21 seconds 2.17 seconds 32.4%
HVAC Site 7 3.85 seconds 2.25 seconds 41.56%
HVAC Site 8 3.69 seconds 1.42 seconds 61.52%

Every site I have moved from hostgator and bluehost to Arvixe has experienced a decrease in page load time…with the exception of one site not listed above but I believe I understand why. I installed quite a few plugins before testing the page speed difference. The one site that did not have a decrease, only had an increase of 3.12 percent.

The amazon affiliate niche site I’m working on, has a loading time of 1.53 seconds right now, though with the addition of a few things I expect it to be around 2 seconds.

A little surprise when it comes to Arvixe

I wanted to get away, or slowly attempt to get away from HostGator and Bluehost due to the EIG acquisition. When I initially signed up to Arvixe, it wasn’t owned by EIG, but 2 weeks later the announcement came that EIG acquired Arvixe for 17 Million bucks. I’m actually not worried about this acquisition.

The support at Arvixe is awesome and this is one of the few EIG properties that is not planning on moving to the EIG datacenter, at least it doesn’t seem that way yet. It seems that the previous owner of Arvixe has a longer leash than what is normal for acquisitions and is still around. The office of Arvixe is completely decentralized which in my opinion gives them the best chance of success as an EIG owned property.

Is it worth moving to?

They have reseller plans that are a bit cheaper than HostGator and the shared hosting is by far better than both bluehost and hostgator. I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far in my experience with them, so whether they make sense for you or not, depends on your situation.

I didn’t move all my clients to Arvixe but I will definitely move more there as I find it more dependable than HostGator and BlueHost and the support is much better, though I don’t often need support.

Another Pleasant Surprise

Total I moved 21 websites to Arvixe. Of those 21 sites 9 experienced at least 1 rank spot increase after the move.  5 websites jumped more than 5 positions after the move. No websites lost rankings at all.

While I do believe that correlation doesn’t equal causation, I also believe that Google noticing page load increases can only help my rankings and client rankings. I believe Google sees it as a sign of engagement. Maybe not engagement in the traditional sense of social shares, likes, comments, social following, etc. but engagement with the internet, the online brand of the business… Google understands and sees these things that people often don’t care much about.

It makes a difference!


Hosting companies suck. I hate dealing with them because I feel like I have to migrate client sites ALL the freaking time due to a downturn in support or other problems.

Arvixe is a company I like so far and feel confident recommending. However, sometimes recommendations become outdated. If at any point I lose my confidence in Arvixe, I will be sure to let you guys know. I will not recommend something simply for an affiliate commission.

If you’re interested in hosting with Arvixe whether you want to host a simple blog or a large amount of client websites, make sure you save some money (20% off)  with the coupon code:IncomeBully

Arvixe also allows for you to choose a location, in the USA, Europe, or Hong Kong for better location performance. Also, signing up through my link will get you access to $100 Google Adwords Credit and $100 Yahoo/Bing Ad Credit. Click here to claim your $200 worth of ad credits. And don’t forget coupon code IncomeBully to save 20%.

Have you used Arvixe? Have you had issues with the major hosting companies? Let me know your thoughts!


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